New and Improved

I Will Never coverDo you remember having #2 pencils in school?   I don’t know what a #3 pencil is, do you?  But I know what a #2 is. It was often referred to as a “standard #2 pencil”-which makes one wonder what a sub-standard one would look like. A brand new #2 pencil had a clean, untouched eraser on the top.  Or was it on the bottom of the pencil?

Once those erasers got worn down, you could buy the “portable erasers” to stick on the top….or bottom…of the pencil. In time, however, they’d get worn down, too.  The pencils outlived the erasers.  We all know what that means.

Of course, we understand erasers were essential.  In Algebra.  English.  Latin. Gym.  Well, maybe not gym.  But we would use them in health class for written exams when the teacher would ask us to write about a femur and where it was on the body.

I wrote a book recently—53,000 plus words.  I decided this week to erase a word here or there and enhance it. I decided to increase my word count by thousands.  Thousands, I tell you!  Because a picture is worth a…..

So the new and improved edition, just back on, has pictures.  Also included are a few things our son Daniel wrote to me and to his daddy which are quite moving to read.

Please help spread the word to family and friends that I WILL NEVER is back up on It’s in Kindle format, too.  Reviews on Amazon are so appreciated.  You don’t even need a #2 pencil.

Here’s a link to get you started: I Will Never on

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