Vintage ain’t always good

Brokenlaptop“Dead-er than a door nail,” I tell you. Slow, painful death. Innards unceremoniously sucked out by an expert. Currently in a box, “resting in peace.” In the demise, it took valuable information.

The “Genius” explained that it was almost vintage.  Since I’m more than almost vintage, I can relate.

The dearly departed was my old computer.

My shiny new, bigger-screened computer sits atop my desk just waiting for me to tap out a blog to you.

Because of my computer problems, my fiction book Jesus Called Me Grandma  will not be finished as soon as I had hoped.  A newer edition, however,  of my book I WILL has pictures as well as copies of a few things our son Daniel had written.

The book is available at as well as locally at Christian Supply. Even got a few in my car.  I hope you’ll think of I WILL NEVER...for Christmas gifts!  It would be a great gift for those who say “I will never…” (which is about 99.9% of the population.)

You know one thing that people tell me about the book?  “Thank you for the short chapters.”  I kept them short on purpose because  I like “bite-sized” chapters when I’m reading.  The other thing readers have told me is, “I just couldn’t put it down.  I read it in one sitting.”  I am humbled beyond words that readers love it.

If you are reading this blog, that in itself means I’ve figured out how to post one on my “new and improved” machine. If you are not reading this blog, then you’ll know what happened.

Look for blogs coming much more often now.

I can hear your applause!

I’ve missed you.









Oh, all right, go ahead and clap.

I’ve missed you.




One thought on “Vintage ain’t always good

  1. I’ve missed you too. Thought I might have lost contact AGAIN!!
    Hope you gave the old gal a decient burial!!!
    So good to hear from you again.
    Trust you have a blessed thanksgiving.
    I am so thankful for you my dear friend.
    Love, Hugs, & Prayers

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