God’s Amazing Timing!


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I was at a book signing on Saturday in our local Christian bookstore here in SC when a Mom walked in with her two children. I had never met her but she had written after hearing me on Focus on the Family in June. She has an adopted son who has aggressive tendencies, like our son Daniel. In fact, the day she heard our story on Focus on the Family on the car radio, she and her son were on the way to his appointment with his psychiatrist.

As he listened to our story, he said, “Mom, that boy sounds a lot like me, doesn’t he?”

She thought the book signing started later than it did and had to hustle the children to get to the bookstore after she realized her mistake in timing. She told me that as she hurried the children, she excitedly told them they were going to meet the lady they had heard on the radio. The little boy was not impressed. He said, “I want to meet her boys.”

The Mom explained that meeting Daniel would not be possible since he’s with the Lord. And she certainly had no hope that he could meet our oldest son, David.

It was a joy to meet this precious Mom—who has her hands so very full. Her heart’s full, too. I liked that part.

As I signed the book, I glanced up to see a familiar figure coming toward me. Someone I know. Actually, someone I gave birth to.

Wasn’t David–and wife Laurie– in Charleston, almost 4 hours away? What on earth was he doing in this bookstore? Had I even mentioned to him about the book signing? Was something wrong?

As I asked a million questions of my first born, he explained that he and Laurie had traveled the night before from Charleston, through our town, to the mountains of NC to visit some relatives. They were now en route back home to Charleston and had stopped in the bookstore to surprise me.

But actually their stopping in the store wasn’t for me.

Standing right there was a little boy who had told his Mom, “I want to meet her boys.”

God orchestrated David’s trip from Charleston, SC to the mountains of NC on the exact weekend this little boy would come into this bookstore. At the exact time. If the Mom had come earlier, the meeting would not have occurred. If David had arrived later, it would not have happened.

David and Laurie gave the glowing little boy hugs and talked with him and showed him a picture of their children. What a sight to behold! The little boy’s eyes fairly twinkled while his Mom (and I) stood in silence and watched God at work.

I am off-the-chart grateful that I belong to a Father with amazing timing who listens to the heart-cry of little boys. And sends big boys to meet the desire.

And that I got to see the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “God’s Amazing Timing!

  1. I’m teary eyed again. Every time I think about that grown man stepping from behind the table and saying, “Hi, I’m David”, I am reminded that with God’s perfect timing, there is no such thing as coincidence. God put your beautiful son, David, in that place for my beautiful son, David. Wow!!

    I have the beginning of my post and book giveaway of this story sitting open and waiting to be finished before bed tonight. I will come back and post a link so if you have any readers who don’t have your book, they can enter for their very own signed copy.

    Thank you for blessing me! ♥♥

  2. I still get chills every time I’m reminded of this divine appointment God provided for this little guy. Who else but God could have orchestrated it all – so glad you shared this Jane!!!

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