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God challenges the ultimatum of Jane Bateman’s declarations, “I will never!”  He proved Himself amazingly reliable to the author in the precise situations she promised she would never be thrust.

Some confrontations between the will of God and the willfulness of Jane are mundane.  Some, however, are dramatic as the family deals with a brain-damaged and dangerously aggressive son for many years.  But each clash of wills—and there are many—proved to the author that God is more than able to accept the heart’s challenge which says, “I will never”.  And He proves Himself faithful in the process!

Read Jane’s unusual story.  You WILL NEVER be the same.

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Jesus Called Me Grandma

Who was the grandmother of Jesus?  The Bible does not tell us but Jane writes in her delightful fiction book some of the challenges, as well as happy family times, Mary’s mother may have experienced while raising the one who would bring forth the Messiah.  What was her reaction when she first met Joseph?  How did she react when confronted with the surprise pregnancy of her unwed daughter?  Did she ever get to meet her perfect grandson?  From Mary’s childhood through motherhood, Jane gives us glimpses of what may have taken place.


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  1. Hello I was on my lunch break listening to 89.3 in TN and Jane Bateman was talking about her son falling and her prayer to God about my sheep know my voice. When our son played football we would whistle and he would turn around no matter how loud the crowd was and would say my sheep know my voice. I just weep. I did not get a chance to hear the rest of her story. We lost our son on December 23,2011 at the age of 27. He was a Teacher and a High School Coach. He was very much loved by the local community. Every day is a struggle. I will be ordering her book. I pray peace and I also pray that your words help to heal my heart and how to continue this journey longing for my child.

    • Thank you so much for writing! Bless you, my new friend, in your daily struggles. Only another “momma sheep” really understands, right? So your son played football—and acknowledged his family in the process. What a sweet thing to do! I wonder if that whetted his appetite to become a teacher and coach? I bet he was a treat one. Do you feel free to tell me how he died? The rest of our story is on Focus on the Family tomorrow; I so hope you can listen. Feel free to write again. I would be honored to hear from you! I will be praying for God’s soothing your broken heart…it takes time and grace, doesn’t it? love, Jane

      • How wonderful to hear from you, precious girl! Thanks for listening to our family story. I love you dearly, Summer.

  2. Wow! Your story has truly blessed me. I am a mother of three little ones and my heart was just touched by your words. Thank you for sharing your story, Jane. I have lived in SC my whole life. Welcome “neighbor”!!

    • Well, “howdy neighbor”! And bless you as you have the most important job in the world—raising three little ones. love, jane

  3. I just heard part 2 of your story on Focus on the Family. I heard part 1 yesterday, and only caught the last few minutes this morning, on the way to work. So today, as soon as I had a chance, I logged on and listened to the complete part 2 online. I want you to know that you are an inspiration. I immediately went to Amazon and ordered your book!!! I know I have set boundaries and limits and I’ve often thought “that will never happen to me!” But then secretly hoped God didn’t hear that thought! I have too much pride, and I’m ashamed of it! I want to thank you for sharing your story, I believe it will help me to be more honest with myself and reexamine what I am doing for God!

    • Well, bless you! I’ve certainly hoped, at times, God didn’t hear my thoughts as well. But the blessed truth is, He heard and still loves me. My desire is to bring every thought captive. Thank you so much for writing and for buying my book, too. love, jane

  4. The journey you walked with your child is very heartbreaking. I helped raise a great niece and nephew and I spent 16 years making sure I did all that was possible to love them and care for them in a way that a mother would. Their mother and father were wonderful to share them with us. January 18,2012 my niece she left school with three girls in the pickup truck. She was taking them home and was on a road not familure to her. She had only been driving for a few months. She was only a few ft from the stop sign when she slid off an embankment and came back up flipping and she and another girl died in the truck. We never got to say goodbye. Instantly they were gone. I have struggled with this and when I go to her room or open her things at the house my heart is stilled with memories of her and how much I loved her and dreams that died with her. I look at your journey and my heart breaks for you and your family. A much harder journey to deal with then ours. But losing a child you love, yours or anyone elses, it crushes the heart of the mama sheep. May the Lord bless you always for sharing your story. It reminds us that we are not alone and that there are others that are suffering in a way we never have. Bonnie

    • Oh my, Bonnie, what a heartbreaking story of your niece dying. I am so sorry. It sounds like you were a great aunt to your niece and nephew. May God wrap His arms around you tight! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with me. Bless you, jane bateman

    • ARe you doing better now in your grief? I was just thinking about you in the loss of your niece. So incredibly sad. Believe me, I understand walking by an empty room. It just is awful, isn’t it? I trust God is hugging you very tightly.
      love, Jane

  5. I just finished reading your book…could not put it down. While I was moved by your story, what spoke to me the most was the picture you painted of how our GOD must feel when we say those words”I Will Never”. I can hardly wait until morning when I can go to Focus On The Family’s website to listen to the broadcast. Thank you for the blessing of your book and btw, your family is beautiful.

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