Vintage ain’t always good

Brokenlaptop“Dead-er than a door nail,” I tell you. Slow, painful death. Innards unceremoniously sucked out by an expert. Currently in a box, “resting in peace.” In the demise, it took valuable information.

The “Genius” explained that it was almost vintage.  Since I’m more than almost vintage, I can relate.

The dearly departed was my old computer.

My shiny new, bigger-screened computer sits atop my desk just waiting for me to tap out a blog to you.

Because of my computer problems, my fiction book Jesus Called Me Grandma  will not be finished as soon as I had hoped.  A newer edition, however,  of my book I WILL has pictures as well as copies of a few things our son Daniel had written.

The book is available at as well as locally at Christian Supply. Even got a few in my car.  I hope you’ll think of I WILL NEVER...for Christmas gifts!  It would be a great gift for those who say “I will never…” (which is about 99.9% of the population.)

You know one thing that people tell me about the book? Continue reading

Lost What?

mage courtesy of Master isolated images /

Image courtesy of Master isolated images /

I was at a church in Georgia getting ready to speak at a banquet for women.  The lady seated next to me was trying to be friendly to “the speaker” but was having a hard time figuring out just how to go about it.

So I began asking her questions about herself and that went better.  While I was being introduced, she leaned over and asked,  “So, are you ready to do your show?”

My “show”?

I smiled, gave her a brief hug, and took the platform.  I told our story of our son Daniel’s fall from a bunk bed with resulting head injuries and aggressive behavior.  It’s never an easy story to tell.  Never. Continue reading