Don’t Know Nuthin Bout Birthin’ Babies

babyI have been in labor for years now.  Been pushing for a long time, too!

Let me take you back to the conception so I can get your full sympathy.  It’s been quite awhile since the idea was conceived that I should write a book.  Morning sickness quickly followed. Carrying this baby idea for so long wore me out.  My back hurt.  My feet swelled.  I wanted to eat for 2 or 4 or 6.  Or not eat at all.

But once I embraced this infant concept, I began writing.  And writing.  And writing.  Deleting.  Copying.  Pasting. Writing.  Deleting.  Well, you get the idea.  After so many years of carrying this growing “book baby” around, I got tired.  Put it on a shelf. Tried to forget it. Continue reading

“Tomato, Tomahto”

Photo courtesy of adamr /

Image courtesy of adamr /

Because of our head-injured son’s extreme aggressive behavior, the staff at the mental health facility asked us to buy Daniel a footstool.  Since he used hard objects as a weapon, he would then be able to sit on the floor in his room and eat, and rest his plate on a soft hassock.

I was a woman on a mission on this snowy, cold, grey winter’s day in Illinois.  At store #1, I asked the clerk where the hammocks were.

Mr. Clerk finally said, “A hammock?  It’s a seasonal item.”    I could not believe a footstool would be a seasonal item.  People in the Midwest don’t put their feet up except in the summer?

At store #2, I asked another clerk where the hammocks were.  He raised his eyebrows in such a way I thought he might call security.  Finally, he explained he wouldn’t get any until spring. And then, he added, they would be found in the sports department.   What was wrong with these people? A footstool in the sport’s department? Continue reading