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Image courtesy of antpkr / FreeDigitalPhotos…

Our son David performed a funeral yesterday.  There was a glitch and instead of “How Great Thou Art” being piped in, “You Light Up My Life” was used.

He let me know it brought back memories of our living in Illinois and he—as a 13 year old— had called a radio station requesting they play “You Light Up My Life”  for his 6 year old sister.  Sweet memory.

Up to a point.

We had a head-injured son in a facility almost 2 hours away.  It was a horrible year.  We lived in a rented house surrounded  by frozen corn fields covered with mounds of snow.  No neighbors.

In our trying to find a church, one preacher boldly announced he had a gun behind the pulpit “so don’t even think of stealing the offering”. Another church asked me to play the piano (our first time there) during Communion, warning that our family couldn’t partake because we were not members.

I was so lonely that I decided I needed to go out each day. I just wasn’t sure where to go on icy roads in the middle of nowhere. But I came up with a plan. Continue reading