The Yucky Peach Parable

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /


Looking into the refrigerator, I moved the bag of grated cheese that was leaning on “something”.  The “somethings” were 4 peaches that had been hidden for a very long time.  Not only were they brown and squishy, they were also growing their own little sweaters.  Argyle, I believe.

I put on plastic gloves to remove the furry little things but they were so soft, they melted into each other, resulting in one brown, soft, fuzzy glob.  There was no alternative but to clean the entire refrigerator.  Since I was in the process of making supper, cleaning out the frig was not on the schedule.  Come to think of it, I don’t know when cleaning the frig is ever on my schedule–which is why those peaches were hidden for so long.

The  sticky peach juice had leaked into the crisper drawers as well as dripping onto other shelves.  This resulted in brown, soggy lettuce and other foods that were….well, I’m not sure what they were. Continue reading